Tuesday 07 February 2023

The words of the CEO

  • In today's industrial world, it is essential to pay attention to improve the quality of process control and reducing costs. In addition, close supervision of regulatory organizations such as the National Standard Organization of Iran, Ministry of Health and Medical Sciences, Environment and Veterinary Organization and the Toy Supervision Council with the country's production units and customs in order to control the quality of manufactured and imported products is inevitable. Simultaneously with the increase of the country's production units and the increasing import of goods, as well as the limited state laboratory facilities, the determination to establish private specialized laboratories became a necessity.
    Accordingly, "Shakhe zeytoon Technical Inspection and Laboratory Complex" as one of the largest Accreditation Laboratory complexes in the country and also the inspection activity with the establishment of internal and external branches began its service in 2008. It is very fortunate and proud that this company has been able to establish and operate a laboratory complex in a short period of time, which is trusted by the National Standard Organization of Iran, Food and Drug Administration, Veterinary, Environment, Toy Supervision Council, Ministry of Oil and Other related organizations to be included and accepted as collaborators. Also, with the establishment of inspection branches inside and outside the country, while carrying out inspection of goods at origin and destination, it has been able to be the only inspection company in Iran that has well-equipped and reputable laboratories in most areas of inspection.
    In any case, we hope that, as the executive arms of the above organizations, we will play an important and reliable role in the health of the society and in examining the quality level of goods, whether domestic or imported.
  • Masoud Mahboubi
  • Managing Director and Chairman of the Board