Tuesday 07 February 2023

introduction of a company

  • Shakhe Zaytoon Lian (SZL) was founded in 2009 as a knowledge-based inspection company to improve the quality of domestic and imported products, establish quality management systems in manufacturing units, contribute to the correct performance of standards, fulfill the clients’ demands, help with the optimized use of the environment and improve the health of the society, and finally to ensure the safety of food and the hygiene level. Relying on the valuable experience of its founders, SZL boasts of leading experts who have worked to equip and launch different laboratories in fields such as food, microbiology, hygienic, cosmetics and automotive parts. It is worth noting that the technical inspection of the Shakhe Zeytoon Lian under the SZL brand is operating.
  • Our activities are divided into three parts:
    1. Laboratory 2. Inspection 3. Education & Consultation