This department provides services in a building with an area of 4000 m2 with committed specialists and advanced equipment.

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Laboratory services

  • 27 October 2020
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Laboratory services

This department provides services in a building with an area of 4000 m2 with committed specialists and advanced equipment.

In an area of more than 4000 m2 as laboratorial space, laboratory services are offered by experienced local experts, using modern equipment and instruments such as LC-MS/MS, ICP-MS, HPLC, GC, GC-MS, SPECTRO PHOTOMETER, ATOMIC ABSORPTION, FT-IR, FLAME PHOTOMETER and TOTAL SULFUR ANALYZE to test the delivered goods according to the instructions given by official regulations and scientific research.


Chemistry Laboratory

The experienced specialists in this section use the best materials and high-tech equipment in order to guarantee the precision and accuracy of the tests conducted in the laboratory. The services in this section consist of detection of harmful compounds, quality assessment of the goods, and also determination of the nature of the used materials. The chemical Lab of the SZL has been equipped to perform physicochemical tests on different types of detergents, utensils, toothbrushes, toothpastes, milk bottles, woods, toys, etc.


Food Laboratory

An awareness of the chemical characteristics of foodstuff is not only necessary to guarantee the health of consumers, but also necessary for producers to comply with regulations. This company cooperates with the Food and Drug Administration of the Bushehr University of Medical Sciences and has been also awarded. At SZL we strive to provide both foreign and domestic clients with services in different areas such as lab equipment, professional human resources and technical knowledge. Using high-tech equipment, our skillful experts in this lab carry out the most precise tests on a wide range of foodstuff.


Molecular Biology Laboratory

Regarding the entering genetically modified crops into the consumption market of different countries, rules have been put in place to identify and label these products before entering the markets. In this regard, the Molecular Biology Laboratory of this company with its advanced equipment is able to detect and trace Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in crops such as rice, corn, soya bean, colza, etc. Furthermore, due to the advanced equipment available in this laboratory, detecting any food fraud including meat products is simply possible. In addition, SZL has been the first private sector laboratory to obtain the certification needed to perform the white spot syndrome diagnostic tests of shrimps from the National Veterinary Organization.


Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

Precise analytical methods are required to assess the product quality and determine trace levels of impurities and pollutants in food, water, and animal or herbal tissues. These methods often use highly specialized analytical instruments that can only be operated by fully trained and professional specialists. The instrumental analysis laboratory applies chromatography, spectroscopy and mass spectrometry techniques to a wide range of materials. With its skilled staff and advanced analytical laboratory equipment, SZL can serve as a reliable partner and a response to customer demands for analysis of materials.


Microbiology Laboratory

Microbial analysis is one of the most important tests conducted in different industries. The microbiology laboratory of Shakhe Zeytoon Lian Inspection Company as a partner of National Veterinary Organisation, is ready to provide various services such as isolation and detection of pathogens in food and cosmetics, and also cultivation, passage and storage of various types of microbial strains. It is worth mentioning that the microbiology laboratory has been awarded an ISO/IEC 17025 certificate by NACI (National Accreditation Center of Iran), and also cooperates with the Food and Drug Administration of the Bushehr University of Medical Sciences. The microbiology section offers microbiology testing services for foodstuff, mineral supplements, cosmetics and animal feed, using experienced and skilled staff as well as high-tech equipment.


Laboratory of Petroleum Products

Laboratory of Shakheh Zeytoon lian Technical Inspection, using modern equipment and ISO 17025 certification, is ready to perform more than 35 types of tests on petroleum products. The activity scope of this laboratory includes crude oil, fuel oil, hydrocarbons, etc.Furthermore, different types of  oil testing such as base oil, engine oil, gear oil, grease, brake fluide and antifreeze are other activities of laboratory. This lab serves as a partner for the Fuel Trafficking Prevention Organization.


Electricity and Automotive Parts Testing Laboratory

Employing high-tech equipment and also professional and experienced staff, this lab can carry out a wide range of standard tests in different fields including car electrical system, metallurgy, etc. This lab holds an ISO/IEC 17025 certificate awarded by the NACI.  

A selection of available lab services are as follows:

Helmet lab as the only lab to test the helmets in Iran; Car lights; bearings; Car alternators; Windscreen wiper blades; Car rims; Shock absorbers; Car coils; Car thermostats; Information technology; Car and truck tire; Determining the elements of alloys and grading them.


Environmental Laboratory

It is imperative to control the amount of pollutants in the human environment today and without sufficient knowledge in measuring pollutants, this important task cannot be done properly. This laboratory is capable of measuring chemical biological and microbial parameters of water and soil such as COD, different types of anions and cations, coliforms, heavy metals, different types of contamination and so on.


Home Appliance and Informatics Laboratory

Staffed with experienced and skilled personnel and using advanced equipment, this specialized laboratory is capable of conducting tests in the following areas: 1. Safety and energy label test for office equipment such as: printers, scanners, monitors and laptops

2. Information technology equipment power consumption test

3. Electromagnetic compatibility test

4. Energy label test for vacuum cleaners, washing machines and electric heaters

5. Safety test of home appliances including all kitchen appliances (e.g. electric mixers, meat grinders, blenders), fans, refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, all kinds of heaters, barbecues and grills, portable heating appliances, dishwashers, hair & skin care products like hair dryers & straighteners, shaving machines, home irons, electric water heaters and so on.

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