Goods inspection, oil inspection, vehicle inspection, motorcycle, agricultural machinery, elevator inspection, etc. are among the services of this department.

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Technical inspection services

  • 27 October 2020
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Technical inspection services

Goods inspection, oil inspection, vehicle inspection, motorcycle, agricultural machinery, elevator inspection, etc. are among the services of this department.

The staffs in this section have been trained in the required technical courses, and work conscientiously and committedly to improve customer satisfaction and earn customer trust.


Goods Inspection

Having obtained the national and international inspection (surveillance) certificate from the Iran National Standardization Organization (INSO), this section has established domestic and foreign branches and provides inspection services in the following areas:  

- Foodstuff, agricultural products and vegetable oils.

- Petroleum and petrochemical products.

- Minerals: non-metal building materials

- Consumer goods: vehicles and vehicle parts, electrical household appliances, chemical and polymer substances, cosmetics, toys and mechanical applications, electrical & electronic supplies, cellulose, textile & leather, computers & telephony, and motorcycles.  

- Industrial products: Industrial and agricultural machineries, elevators, mechanical equipment, metal products, and medical equipment. This section can provide manufacturers, importers, and exporters with all inspection services at the departure points or destinations. These services include Visual inspection, pre shipment inspection (PSI), inspection and issuing goods inspection certificates for banks and customs, manufacturing industries inspection, certificate of inspection in destination and departure point (COI), and pro forma price verification certificate (PVC)


Vehicle, Motorcycle, Agricultural Machinery and Tractor Inspection

Considering the importance of vehicles in everyday life and the necessity of meeting the existing national and international standard requirements, the quality inspection of vehicles has become more and more important. In this line, Shakhe Zeytoon Lian inspection company obtained the ISIRI-ISO/IEC 17020 certificate in the field of Type Approval (TA) and Conformity Of Production (COP) for Vehicles, Motorcycle, Agricultural Machinery And Tractors from the National Accreditation Center of Iran in 2014. Therefore, SZL is now ready to provide national and international inspection services as follows:  

• Approval of the imported car types

• Approval of the domestic car types

• Approval of the compliance of the domestic cars

• Inspection of the vehicle uses

• Physical inspection of cars

• Development of national automotive Standards  

• Type approval of agricultural Machinery and Tractor

• Type Approval of Motorcycle


Inspection of Petroleum and Petroleum shipment

Having obtained the Oil Ministry Inspection Card, the Oil Inspection Unit has the authority to inspect and sample oil shipments. The Oil Division of the SZL is a leading provider of inspection, testing, quality assurance, risk management services and technical support for the petroleum and petrochemical industry. Moreover, it is a trusted partner for the Iranian Fuel Trafficking Prevention Organization. Our services in this section include:

1. Inspection to determine the amount of loaded or unloaded material from ships, vessels, coastal tanks, warehouses and wagons;

2. Vessel tank inspection with regard to material characteristics; 3. Loss inspection and control;

4. Sampling;

5. Supervision of tests;

6. Monitoring of transportation in pipelines;

7. Inspection of imported and exported oil, gas and petrochemical cargoes;

8. Inspection at the custody transfer point; 9. Static and dynamic measurements;

10. Quantity control 11. Preparation of Petroleum Blends and Additives;

12. Flexi and Isotank Inspection.


Marine Inspections:

1. Ullage survey

2. Banker survey

3. Inspection of the vessel’s condition at the beginning and end of the lease (On / Off Hire Survey)

4. Inspection of the cargo transfer equipment

5. Damage survey

6. Seawater contamination inspections and inspections required by insurance companies and P&I clubs

7. Load shortage control inspection


Quantitative and qualitative inspections are also carried out for the following materials and products:

1. Petrochemical products including various solvents, aromatics, paraffin, olefins, chlorinated hydrocarbons, benzene, chemical gases, plastics softeners, ether, esters, amines, monomers, additives, ketones, glycols, alcohols, industrial fats and other chemicals;

2. Petroleum products including mazut, hydrocarbons, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, motor oil, bitumen and gas condensate;

3. Crude oil;

4. Liquid gas.


Elevator Inspection

This company, as the first and only native company with ISO/IEC 17020 certification (National Accreditation Center of Iran), is ready to provide inspection services and issuing the certificate in the shortest possible time. In recent years, the rapid expansion of the construction of high rises and apartments in many countries of the world attest to the increasing importance of the elevator and escalator industry. Therefore, it is important to monitor and ensure the safety of the users and the elevator maintenance personnel who carry out annual elevator inspections. Our task is to inspect and monitor the manufacturing and installation of elevators in order to maintain individual and public health and safety, ensure the quality of the elevator and escalator equipment, and to ensure the safety of their installation prior to operation. In addition, periodic inspection of the elevator is very important and required.


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