Tuesday 07 February 2023

Inspection of Petroleum and Petroleum shipment

  • Having obtained the Oil Ministry Inspection Card, the Oil Inspection Unit has the authority to inspect and sample oil shipments. The Oil Division of the SZL is a leading provider of inspection, testing, quality assurance, risk management services and technical support for the petroleum and petrochemical industry. Moreover, it is a trusted partner for the Iranian Fuel Trafficking Prevention Organization. Our services in this section include:
    1. Inspection to determine the amount of loaded or unloaded material from ships, vessels, coastal tanks, warehouses and wagons;
    2. Vessel tank inspection with regard to material characteristics;
    3. Loss inspection and control;
    4. Sampling;
    5. Supervision of tests;
    6. Monitoring of transportation in pipelines;
    7. Inspection of imported and exported oil, gas and petrochemical cargoes;
    8. Inspection at the custody transfer point;
    9. Static and dynamic measurements;
    10. Quantity control
    11. Preparation of Petroleum Blends and Additives;
    12. Flexi and Isotank Inspection.

    Marine Inspections:
    1. Ullage survey
    2. Banker survey
    3. Inspection of the vessel’s condition at the beginning and end of the lease (On / Off Hire Survey)
    4. Inspection of the cargo transfer equipment
    5. Damage survey
    6. Seawater contamination inspections and inspections required by insurance companies and P&I clubs
    7. Load shortage control inspection

    Quantitative and qualitative inspections are also carried out for the following materials and products:
    1. Petrochemical products including various solvents, aromatics, paraffin, olefins, chlorinated hydrocarbons, benzene, chemical gases, plastics softeners, ether, esters, amines, monomers, additives, ketones, glycols, alcohols, industrial fats and other chemicals;
    2. Petroleum products including mazut, hydrocarbons, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, motor oil, bitumen and gas condensate;
    3. Crude oil;
    4. Liquid gas.