Tuesday 07 February 2023

Vehicle, Motorcycle, Agricultural Machinery and Tractor Inspection

  • Considering the importance of vehicles in everyday life and the necessity of meeting the existing national and international standard requirements, the quality inspection of vehicles has become more and more important. In this line, Shakhe Zeytoon Lian inspection company obtained the ISIRI-ISO/IEC 17020 certificate in the field of Type Approval (TA) and Conformity Of Production (COP) for Vehicles, Motorcycle, Agricultural Machinery And Tractors from the National Accreditation Center of Iran in 2014. Therefore, SZL is now ready to provide national and international inspection services as follows:
    • Approval of the imported car types
    • Approval of the domestic car types
    • Approval of the compliance of the domestic cars
    • Inspection of the vehicle uses
    • Physical inspection of cars
    • Development of national automotive Standards
    • Type approval of agricultural Machinery and Tractor
    • Type Approval of Motorcycle